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We are excited to offer the following wedding photography services:

  • Engagement portraits at our studio or location of your choice 
  • Full or part coverage of Traditional Church weddings and Wedding Breakfast 
  • Full or part coverage of Civil ceremonies and Reception 
  • Bridal party portraiture - studio based 
  • New couple wedding portrait session - location based 
  • Morning after shoot - cherish or trash the dress on location of your choice
  • Bridal boudior session - location based

Packages start off from £150 for an hour at a civil venue eg, a registry office, to our full package inclusive of 6 hours wedding coverage and a unique 20 page storybook style album, professionally designed, for you to treasure.


Contact us from the 'contact us' page with details of your wedding for a quote.


Sharing our experience...



He popped the’ve’ve called all your friends and celebrated and are rapidly getting used to the idea of having an H2B in your life.

Now the hard work of decision making begins as you begin to plan what will probably be the biggest function that the two of you will ever host.

First things first...

Having recently got married we would advise that once the engagement celebrations are over, you choose a provisional date for the big day as a priority. Otherwise it is difficult to plan or in fact to commit to anything else. Finalize this date as soon you have looked at venue availability and confirm the venue booking as soon as possible.

This final date then gives you a starting point for all of the other arrangements that you will have to make.

Then your photographer....

The next step is to gather the information that will need to help you to choose your wedding photographer. Google wedding photography websites, read local bridal magazines and talk to any friends who have recently got married – a personal recommendation is usually the most reliable one. Wedding shows also give you a great chance to meet prospective photographers and an idea of the current trends in wedding photography.

This research will then enable you to choose the style of wedding photography coverage that will suit you, how long you want to have the photographer there for, whether you require a package that includes an album or prints and what budget is realistically available for your wedding photography.

  • Current styles of coverage include Traditional wedding photography, Lifestyle photography and a Reportage or Photojournalistic style.

Traditional = posed, like your parents probably had, suitable for a traditional album or prints

 Lifestyle = natural, real-life, currently very popular, suitable for a contemporary storybook album

 Reportage = documentary style, a bit like news coverage, also suitable for a storybook album

Personally we recommend a combination of all three so that the final product reflects the timeless value of traditional photographic experience while also telling the story of your wedding day in an exciting, contemporary way.

  • You will also need to decide on how long the photographer must be there or the period of coverage required on the day. Some options include;

Bridal party getting ready/Groom at the church with guests and family/wedding ceremony or civil ceremony/ new couple at the reception venue and the first dance and speeches

  • Finally decide on the  presentation that you’d like. This means your final product; and could be prints, framed pictures, a canvas, cd of images or a photo album.
  • Based on all of this you can now estimate how much you feel that you can budget for your wedding photography. 

Shop around...

Now that you have the information that a professional photographer will need we recommend short listing 3 final choices of wedding photographer - contact them, go and see samples of their work and get to know them a little. We suggest that you make sure that you both feel comfortable in their company as you will possibly spend more time with your photographer on your wedding day than you do with one another.

Budget?  What budget?

 For most of us juggling funds can be stressful. To help with your budgeting a very rough rule of thumb is to allocate approx £150 for each hour that the photographer will be providing his services in recording your wedding.

A professional photographer offers...

This approximate figure buys you the technical and creative expertise of the professional wedding photographer; their experience in handling difficult moments (an anxious bride for instance) and unpredictable situations (the weather for one). It includes their ability to capture 'the moment' in a competent manner as well as being able to coerce people into family groups without pressure as well as encouraging them to look their best regardless of the wind, pouring rain or blazing sunshine.  Imagine the skills required to meet 150 guests for the first time, to get their cooperation when excitement is at fever pitch and emotions are running high, as well as to adhere to a very tight time schedule so as not to upset the caterers and still make every one look their smiling best. This is what a truly experienced professional wedding photographer can offer.

 Now you've found a photographer you like, you've seen their work - it's time to finalise your options...


How much coverage is enough?

The wedding day can be divided into 4 main sections for the purposes of photographic coverage;

  • the bridal preparations (bride getting ready at home or at a hotel)
  •  Church or Civil Ceremony venue (groom, guests and family before the wedding)
  • Wedding or Civil  Ceremony (the actual marriage)
  •  the Reception (the fun bit at the reception venue).

Most wedding photography packages are divided up into coverage of these sections and then the final post production costs and presentation format (prints/album) is added on to the basic cost.

Bridal Preparations coverage

The bridal preparation is where the story of the day starts to unfold and these images suit a contemporary style of wedding photography, perhaps a storybook album or DVD slideshow. It includes reportage elements (bridal accessories, hairdo moments, makeup being applied and putting on shoes as examples) as well as an opportunity to do some more traditional pics of the bride with her mum, dad and bridesmaids. Lifestyle photography captures special moments which also happen at this time; parents seeing their daughter as their 'little girl' for the last time or your bridesmaids finally seeing you in your wedding dress.

 Importantly, when planning your day, allow approximately an hour for the photographer to be in your home discreetly capturing these moments amidst the bustle.

 If you would like photographs of your dress being put on please bear in mind that this will have to be done with enough time to allow the photographer to then travel to the church to photograph the groom, groomsmen, family and guests (usually 1 hour before the ceremony). Some brides pose this shot while others rely on the deadline to help to get them to the church on time.

Church, Civil Ceremony venue coverage

This is when the Groom's side of the story starts to unfold, including the formal groom portraits, reportage style shots with his best man and groomsmen or ushers and candid pics of the guests arriving. It also includes the details in the church such as the flowers, Order of Service - all the little things that you put so much time and effort into choosing (remember all those huge decisions you made) and often some formal groom's family portraits are done now, e.g., the groom and his mum, siblings, good luck handshake from Dad etc.

 If the bridal prep is not being photographed this is usually where the wedding photographer will commence coverage, please allow for this to start approx an hour before the ceremony time. Solid time management means less pressure on the day so for example; we usually meet the groom and his party at the church 1 hour before the start of the ceremony, so allowing approximately 5 mins for photographing the groom, 2 mins photographing the best man, 5 mins with the groom and the ushers, 10 mins with his immediate family and 7 mins for the unexpected such as buttonholes missing in action! By planning ahead it means that the pictures are safely taken in 30 mins and the groom is free to enjoy greeting the guests as they arrive (while we discreetly catch those reportage candid moments that everyone wants to remember).

 Wedding Ceremony coverage

This covers from the time of the arrival of the bridal party until the couple leave for the reception. We usually anticipate about an hour for the actual church ceremony or half an hour for a civil ceremony and this is followed by 30 minutes for approx 10 group shots outside the church/civil ceremony venue. This is when we do the core shots e.g.; first couple portrait in the church doorway and the immediate family combinations with the bridal party.

This has to be limited time wise as there may be a wedding following and there is also often a time commitment for catering purposes at the reception venue. We usually wrap up the 30 mins with capturing the confetti throw with all of the happiness and laughter that this involves before leaving for the reception venue.

 This may seem very structured but it's only advice and is part of the professional photographer’s time management experience that you are paying for. As every wedding is different the timings are something that is discussed individually at the pre-wedding meeting.

 It is also important to know that ceremony photographic coverage differs between different denominations and even individual clerics and can range from unlimited coverage in some churches or be restricted to only the entrance of the bride/signing of the register and the couple walking down the aisle together after the ceremony.

As we respect the wishes of the couple as well as the policy of the individual churches we do not use flash during the ceremony, we adhere to the guidance given by the clergy and aim to be generally as discreet as possible. During a civil ceremony we do have more opportunities to take photographs but again we respect the occasion and avoid flash where possible.

Reception coverage

We leave the ceremony behind and focus on the fun part of the photography at the reception. If covering this part of your day we now take the balance of group shots (usually extended family groups and any special combinations that you may ask for), the bride and groom portraits (both conventional and in a reportage style) and record the details of the reception room. We then wrap up the day with a posed cutting of the cake picture just before you start the reception line or sit down to the meal.

 When planning timings we suggest allowing for travelling time to the venue then about 30 mins for the balance of the group shots (depending on how many you would like and how many guests there are). These are done while you and your guests are having their welcome drinks and then we suggest the bridal couple for about 30 mins for the couple portraits.

New Couple Portraits

The advantage of spending some time away from everyone while doing these very important photographs is that it gives the couple a few moments of privacy together for the first time in a very busy day.

Recording these natural first moments together as husband and wife set the tone for your album and as the interaction is so spontaneous there is little need for posing.

We do some traditional pictures as well as some fun ones and couples usually enjoy the change of scenery and a chance to laugh together.

 We complete the couple session with the pics next to the cake and then photograph the details of the venue while the guests are going through the receiving line if you are planning one or busy seating themselves.

Speeches and first dance

At this stage our job is usually done and this is when most photographers leave you to enjoy the rest of the day. Photographing the speeches and first dance is also an option but first consider whether you need the services of a professional to do this as it will easily add the cost of another hour onto their quote.


 Frequently asked questions...

  • How many photographers are needed and are we all posers?

 Most photographers appreciate an extra hand on the day and so many offer two photographers as an option. Don't feel invaded - we work it out between ourselves as to who is photographing whom, the first photographer is usually responsible for the really important stuff and the second is usually the assistant and takes direction from the key photographer (like climbing the bell tower). Having a second photographer often does not affect the final price of the wedding photography package.

 A brief thought on posing - we don't often pose couples, it's your day - the magic belongs to you - however we do sometimes set the scene (for example; the confetti throw) so that the magic can flow in a way that makes you and your guests look their best and so that we can anticipate the memorable moments, making sure we catch them as they happen (see the red carpet moments at the Oscar's - even film stars do it).

  • Any advice on choosing the final package?

 The final package or presentation format is what you are left with once the wedding breakfast is digested, the honeymoon is over and any unwanted gifts e-bayed - it is what you will have representing the beginning of your journey together.

The final products range from a selection of prints, a cd of images with permission to reproduce them, a DVD slideshow of the day, a traditional album with a single image per page, coffee table style albums with single or multiple images per page and storybook style albums with multiple images on each page telling your story.

  • Is a cd of images cost effective?

 The question of choosing what to do with the images comes next, to print or not to print - the answer is simple; an album in your hand is worth 300 jpegs on your laptop!

  • Should we choose Prints/cd/DVD/album?

Choosing a print package that offers a selection of prints for a fixed price means that you can choose your own album in the future and even ask for further prints as wedding presents.

Opting for a cd of images (with permission to reproduce them) is tempting but can become expensive when you choose to print out 300 images and you may not get the professional quality prints that you anticipated.

A nice add-on to your set of professional prints is a DVD -it enables you to relive the day as well as having a set of professional quality prints to put in an album.

  • Why choose an album?

 Finally, albums are the traditional form of presentation for a reason - they make a lovely presentation, visually tell the story of your wedding, protect your images, and can make a very strong statement about your day. In time they may become a family heirloom.

 In addition, matching parents or bridesmaids mini albums can be ordered which make lovely mementos and thank you gifts for the parents of the couple or the members of the bridal party.


  • What else influences the final quote?

Once your photographer has calculated the basic price for the photographic services on the day, post production services is where the final cost comes from.

 Post production includes meetings with the couple, the travelling on the day, the time involved in the editing of the photographs taken on the day, professional design and layout of the album as well as the cost of the albums themselves. Top of the range products are handmade, can be assembled in Australia and Italy as well as the UK and obviously a premium product will put a higher cost on the wedding photography package, although the investment is clearly worthwhile.

Your wedding album is what remains to show for all the hard work, money invested and time that you have put into making your wedding day a success and it makes sense to do it justice.

  • Finally... An engagement shoot or trash/cherish the dress?

Some photographers include an engagement shoot in the package - this can work well in that it gives you a chance to get to know one another, we get an idea of your best angles and you may end up with a lovely couple portrait that can be signed by your guests as a memento on your wedding day.

  • Trash or Stash?

Sometimes the suitability of your wedding dress to an outdoors photo shoot may be in question - in short it cost a fortune and you don't want to mess it up on the day - some photographers offer the option of a morning after shoot - it's up to you whether the dress is trashed or cherished - but as the ceremony is over you can relax and have a more casual and fun approach to your wedding pics. This does make a lovely set of images as an add-on to the traditional album and introduces you to the world as a couple for the first time in a rather fun informal way...

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